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Great Googlie Mooglie!

Googlies are the greatest!  You just can't resist their impish smile!

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2googlie2A.jpg (55419 bytes)2googlie2B.jpg (145616 bytes)  2googlie5A.jpg (73769 bytes)2googlie5B.jpg (139868 bytes) 

9" Kestner 221 Googlies!  The Kestner googlie has an irresistible smile....just the thing to improve one's mood!  Here are four sweet dolls as follows, from left to right:

Doll #1--blue glass eyes, dark blonde mohair wig, dressed in red dotted swiss cotton, trimmed with white cotton lace and silk ribbon.

Doll #2--an ethnic doll with dark brown glass eyes, black mohair wig, dressed in vintage turquoise cotton with white silk ribbon and multi-color trim.  

All dolls wear leather shoes, rayon socks, and white cotton lace-trimmed drawers.   $175 for undressed doll, $225 for doll as dressed....Both dolls ae SOLD



7googlie-A.jpg (79220 bytes)7googlie-B.jpg (75821 bytes)   

7" Kestner 221 Googlie.  This Kestner 221 Googlie is only 7" but so sweet!  She has blue eyes and a blonde mohair wig.  She has a five-piece toddler body with starfish hands.  $150 


 HSgooglie1A.jpg (93897 bytes) HSgooglieB.jpg (113090 bytes) HSgooglieC.jpg (149561 bytes) schwab1B.jpg (120765 bytes)

16" Hertel Schwab Googlies.  Shown here are two Hertel Schwab googlie reproduction.  The boy is from mold #172 and the girl is from mold #173.  The boy is now sold.  The girl has beautiful blue glass eyes and a mohair wig.  She is wearing a colorful vintage peasant-type dress from the 1950s that suits her so well....she's just adorable!  They are each $275, dressed as shown.  Boy is SOLD, Girl is still available.     



allgooglies.jpg (98247 bytes)A photo showing many of the googlies on this page.


googlie3A.jpg (75212 bytes) googlie-ethnic2A.jpg (62975 bytes) googlie2A.jpg (72005 bytes) googlie-ethnic1A.jpg (80333 bytes) googlie1B.jpg (49957 bytes)  

googlie3B.jpg (102152 bytes) googlie-ethnic2B.jpg (82131 bytes) googlie2B.jpg (113538 bytes) googlie-ethnic1B.jpg (94870 bytes) googlie1A.jpg (87971 bytes)  

    Some 9" Kestner 221 Googlies made in the past and now SOLD.....


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